3 podcasts that understand good storytelling

I feel like most everyone has had a taste of this experience: where you're completely separate from your body, and you've escaped to -- or maybe just stumbled into some other world, transported across space and time. I chase experiences like these because I just think there's something... magical about them (for lack of a better adjective). Excellent storytelling is hard to come by, but three different radio shows (which also have corresponding podcasts) set the bar significantly higher than all the rest. Audio storytelling is particularly special to me because I can experience the drama and excitement of a story while doing something less fun, like organizing my room.

Don't get me wrong, organizing is great, but organizing with a side of mental teleportation adds another dimension of enjoyment to the mix. Anyways, I've come up with a list:

3. Freakonomics Radio

2. This American Life

1. Radiolab