Freakonomics Radio

You might be familiar with the book Freakonomics, or its sequel SuperFreakonomics, or the documentary of the same name; but if you're not, Freakonomics Radio is "a look at the hidden side of everything" through economic theory. It's hosted by the same guys who wrote the book -- Stephen Dubner (a journalist who used to write for The New York Times) and Steven Levitt (an economist and professor at the University of Chicago). 

If you're anything like me, the term "economics" just is not that intriguing. Dubner & Levitt are a curious duo, on a quest to find out about the way that everything works (and fits together). Each episode starts from a question -- the simpler, the better. Stephen Dubner, who hosts the radio show, constructs entire episodes dedicated to exploring a question like "why marry?" or "how are men and women different?" The commentary Dubner provides is direct, interested, albeit at times naive. Each episode provides a sophisticated yet easily comprehensible exploration of the topic at hand, and I always leave feeling like I understand the world a little bit better.