Radio stories and "documentaries"

Life has been very busy recently. I just graduated from high school, and it's summertime.

There have been plenty of parties, so I made a stupid little video where I tried to represent my experience during one night at a nightclub.

I created the beginnings of a podcast (here), which is basically just me interviewing interesting people and sharing the things I learn.

Earlier this year, I watched a kid named Luke Patmon get up on a stage and perform a spoken word poem that made me immediately think of making a video for it. So, I produced a video with Andrew Fai of Luke Patmon's spoken word poetry.

This is a short post because I'm currently putting together the second episode of that podcast, and working on other things that seem more important than writing blog posts. I'll continue to write these when I feel like it's the right medium to say what I want to, but now isn't the time.

During the next few months before college, I'm planning on making some short films, producing a bunch of podcast episodes, taking pictures, and doing a bunch of other stuff that I'm not even aware of right now.

I'll keep this page updated as a way for me to chronicle my work, so I have something semi-intelligible to look back on.