I made some posters

Over the summer, I was an intern at an excellent advertising agency in Boston. I've never done any work in advertising before, so the limited perspective I had was limited to a handful of episodes of Mad Men

When I started, I noticed that the office was crowded with people of completely different behaviors. You have account people: high-strung worker bees who live to email and make sure shit gets done, and that the money keeps flowing. On the other end is the creatives, who would rather smoke a joint and talk about art. I was surprised the two groups got along at all. 

I was given a task to make band posters using only text and without any color. I'm not exactly sure why I was given the task, other than it was something fun to test my creative skills with limits. Text and no color. I like projects with limits, because they set a framework for what's acceptable. The boundaries create a problem, and you need to be creative to solve it.

Anyways, here are two of the posters that I came up with.