In-Person Communication

I wrote a haiku the other day.

I constantly find myself in conversations with friends over text message where my mindset is completely misaligned with theirs. It's hard to fit emotion into something so brief as a text. Even writers struggle to do this in whole novels. 

On another note, I think haikus tend to get a bad reputation because they're readily employed in grade-schools across the country to teach children about writing. A general google search lead me to this classic:

Haikus are easy
Sometimes they don't make sense


While I appreciate the ingenuity required to use the five-syllable word "refrigerator" as the punchline to a non-sequitur joke, it misses what I like best about haiku poems. Yes, the author uses words cleverly and makes you think. Yes, he followed the haiku syllable structure. Yes, the poem is true to itself.

But beyond a giggle the first time I came across it, it just doesn't make me feel anything for long. I like haikus that can capture the essence of a moment. Ones that you have to read more than once to appreciate. My good friend Adam has been posting a bunch of haikus on Instagram, and I wanted to share one of his.