Views from above

I like the idea of having a drone, but it's an expensive hobby. There always seems to be a part that you need that you don't already have. Batteries. Extra controllers. Screens. Drones are really useful at getting different camera angles for videos I like to make, and flying something around in the sky is always exciting. Because the drone hobby is expensive, I figured there was a way to make my drone pay for itself. I wanted to make aerial videos and sell them.

Because it's 2015, I decided the whole "start up" idea was interesting, so me and my good friend Jeremy decided to try it out. We bought a drone, and made aerial videos of houses to help people buying houses get a better feel for the house and the surrounding area, without even visiting it. We got a bunch of jobs this way, but we were constantly finding ourselves without anything to film. Instead of sitting around, we decided we'd make other cool videos with our downtime and figure out how it fit into our business later.

So we thought of cool places to film -- a reservoir (turns out, pretty boring from above), a pond, a school, and Boston. Boston seemed like it had a lot to offer, so we set off to MIT (Jeremy's school) and launched the drone from a frathouse. From what I've been told, seeing a drone around MIT wasn't uncommon so we felt pretty comfortable launching from there. So, we launched.

With the footage, we decided to make two videos: one called MIT from Above, showcasing Jeremy's campus in the hopes that we could sell it to the admissions department, or at least get some recognition from MIT students -- and another more general video showing the beauty of Boston from above.

When I finish that second video (most likely tomorrow), you--the readers of this blog--will be the first to know.